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Mint will take place on November 19th on
300 unique generated helmets will be claimed by their Spartans.
The frontline will have first claim to their helmets, followed by the rest.
Spartan warlords will have one of the 300 helmets set aside during the mint.
Three of the 300 helmets will be sent to the GA winners.

11 19 21

Weapon Shipment

12 25 21

Merry Christmas Spartans.
Your weapons have arrived. Each unique and forged to perfection.
Every Spartan will have their sword delivered and gifted to them.
One sword per Spartan.

ShielD Haul

early Q1 2022

The precious materials we have gathered have been re-forged to craft
300 unique shields. Beautiful but capable of stopping any weapon or projectile.
Only Spartans ready for battle will have access to these shields.
One shield per Spartan.

Cloak cargo

late Q1 2022

What's a battle ready Spartan without their cloak?
Battle ready Spartans wear their helmets, wield their swords,
and have their shield by their side at all times.
Battle ready Spartans will be gifted their unique cloak
woven from the most exotic and valuable silks.
One cloak per Spartan.

Prepare to meet
thy enemy

Early Q2 2022

Brace for impact. This is where we make our stand and what you've been
training for. No matter what's in front of us.
We HODL the line.

Spartan Legends
are remembered

Late Q2 2022

Those who HODL'd the line will be remembered for eternity.
Unique and hand sculpted Spartan statues will be raised.
Each statue will wield and hold that Spartan's unique equipment.
This will be a one time event for those who HODL'd the line.

Future Conquests

Wallets may hold and own more
than one spartan Being Eligible
for multiple airdrops and multiple
mint passes for future equipment.

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